About the Project

Project Study Area

Lehigh Avenue is a roadway that runs north-south in the Village of Glenview under the jurisdiction of Cook County Department of Transportation and Highways. The Lehigh Avenue Bridge is located between Chestnut Avenue to the north and Glenview Avenue to the south. Rugen Road is located approximately 50 feet north of the project limits and the Glenview Metra station parking is located directly adjacent to the south project limits. The project study area is limited to the Lehigh Avenue Bridge Over East Lake Avenue. Any roadway improvements required will be related to the bridge replacement.

About the Bridge

The existing Lehigh Avenue Bridge is approximately 62 years old and spans approximately 75’ over East Lake Avenue in a north-south direction. The bridge carries three lanes of traffic – one northbound through lane, one northbound left turn lane and one southbound through lane. There is a shared-use path on the west side of the structure and a sidewalk on the east side. The bridge was originally constructed in 1961 and was repaired in 1986. The bridge was last inspected in 2022.

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Project Need

The Lehigh Avenue Bridge is currently rated in critical condition and is in need of replacement.

Project Timeline

  • Preliminary (Phase I) Engineering
    • April 2022 – June 2023: Preliminary Engineering
    • July 20th, 2023: Public Information Meeting
    • Conclusion of Preliminary Engineering Activities: August 2023
  • Anticipated Summer 2023 – Fall 2024: Detailed Design (Phase II) Engineering
  • Anticipated 2025: Construction (pending plan readiness and land acquisition, if required)